Sunday, September 24, 2006
Sunday in the Office
Does this ring a bell? Have I spent Sunday in the office before? Yes, yes, yes, I know.... I am not getting paid extra for this and it won't do my health any good. But I do have to get my configuration notes up to scratch before I go back to Cyprus, so that they will be of some help to Derek and Casey while I am away. Gil is making me feel like a complete heel for going, and I know when I leave Cyprus in two weeks time, Leo will do the same.

The extremely stupid lawyer called me, in his arrogant voice, on Friday to say that the Cypriot authorities had issued me with an entry permit, and that I would have to go to the ministry once I was in Cyprus to get my eventual work permit. You never told me that, I said, I have been asking for a work permit all along, why didn't you tell me it was only an entry permit that I would get. He didn't really have a good answer. I imagine he is quite cross that, after 16 months of his bumbling around and trying to delay the process, he will lose the company I work for as a client. He must have been making a lot of money out of this, and I really do believe that he has purposely been dragging the process out.

I have a fax of the entry permit, he tells me that the original is not needed at immigration, and I really hope he is correct, otherwise he is going to be in a lot of trouble.

Yesterday I didn't seem to be as tired as usual on a Saturday, even though I was at work until 7pm on Friday and did not go to sleep until after midnight. I had a 10:30am appointment for a facial, but ended up not having it, as the girl did not turn up to open the salon, and the other girl, who was there, but did not have the key, had to call the proprietor to open up. They didn't know when she would turn up - apparently it was a "little problem of transport", but she is always late on Saturdays - so I rebooked for Monday. Which I can do this week, as I am not going to work, I am going to the Prefecture, the bank, the drycleaners, and now the beauty salon. On Tuesday I have to pack and to fly.

After the abortive facial appointment, I went to Brentanos and bought about six Earlene Fowler books (these are the ones I always thought I would not like, but in fact I do like them), also a very difficult Sudoku X book They were having a knitting cafe in the craft section, what a racket and it's a bit cramped as well, so I was climbimg around the knitters trying to look for embroidery books.

Then it was on to "Des Fils et Une Aiguille", where I bought - "Canadian Journey" from GPA, "Lavender Rose Sewing Case" from Fancy Work, "a "This Too Shall Pass" scissors keep kit (I was rapt, as they are sold out at Elegant Stitch), a French leaflet for a redwork sewing pochette, some linen for Lavender Rose and some linen for the Colchiques, also 50 cm of braid for finishing my AMAP Quaker pochette. The nice lady who runs the place gave me two Prairie Schooler cards with charts for Christmas ornaments.

I had lunch at Hippo, then bought the newspapers and came home, and read and dozed until the new neighbours in the entre-sol (this is the wing of the building that is out the back and has a door between the ground and first floors) put on their television very loudly with all the windows open. They do this fairly often, and also talk loudly at night with all the windows open. I think they are American and do not realise how sound reverberates in the courtyard, but anyway they must have had a few complaints already from neighbours - I heard one French guy shouting at them in English one night to keep it down! I guess they will get the message soon.

I've started Partita from Drawn Thread, just as a little break from QOTN, I've tried to add some pictures, but Blogger will not let me!!!
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