Thursday, September 21, 2006
Not A Great Week
First I found that my workshop on Rates was rescheduled from Wednesday to Tuesday, so it was a panic to get the slides ready for that. It's not a subject on which I am expert in any case, although I do seem to be learning a lot about it quite rapidly.

Then, five minutes before the start of my presentation, my laptop screen went totally bizarre, just the screen, everything else is fine. So I did the presentation looking at the projector, not my screen, and I am now working with an external monitor borrowed from the client. There is an old laptop on its way from London for me, and my one is going to IBM hospital.

Fortunately the presentation itself actually went extremely well, and several people congratulated me afterwards on my command of French. I did feel quite comfortable during it, and I was discussing things quite naturally with the two people from the client who were there. Gil was there as well, leaping to the whiteboard from time to time and clarifying things as necessary.

Today I have been out to the office to get a replacement computer, an old T30 that doesn't seem to want to work on the network here.... I have a network cable plugged into a wireless router and am getting to stuff that way. Also it's incredibly slow after the T43.

However I also collected an airticket to Cyprus, and a parcel containing the latest SANQ, Indigo Rose's "Pretty in Pink" and a Traditional Stitches Stash Enhancement package, so the journey was worth it.

Still no photos, but I have finished the QOTN outside, hope to start on the inside over the weekend.
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