Friday, September 29, 2006
My Last Weekend in Nicosia?
I thought it would be, but I don't know........... Leo says the client knows all about my leaving, but Rosetta told me that they have not been told that last Friday is my last day, and that in any case, they are extremely unhappy about my going.

I don't know what I feel, it's very difficult for me, because I like Nicosia in some ways, although it is quite a boring town and the winter is coming up - Paris is much more interesting in the winter - and I don't want to be stuck in a rented flat here for the winter. I like it if I can stay in a hotel, but they won't let me do that long term. The project is interesting, but so is the one in Paris, although it is chaotic and disorganised, and I have no control over even my "own" thread. Also in Paris there is the daily commuting, as opposed to the five minute walk.

I just wish someone would sort this out, and I could stop feeling like a baby whose parents can't agree on custody.

Last night I started on the Great North American Afghan, I have knit nearly half a square! The book tells you which are the five easiest squares and which are the five hardest, so I have started with one of the easiest, which just has twisted stitches to form a diamond pattern. The yarn I am using is from Bouton D'Or called Centurion........... I chose some nice pinks to go with the ecru, so it will be fairly much as specified in the book.

I think this will be the work of many months though!

Have just been upstairs to see the users, we have been talking about Lefkaritika, it has gained me a lot of acceptance here to do this... must try and get some more done this weekend, so.

Other plans for the weekend - shopping, swimming, lounging around..
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  • At 2:44 pm, Blogger AnneS

    I'll be sorry to stop hearing your stories while living in Greece as it is overall my favourite 'nation' ... but then again, Paris is my favourite city in the world too ;) I always enjoy reading your blog with your trials and tribulations, and life in general, it's always interesting :D

  • At 2:45 pm, Blogger AnneS

    I was also having a blonde moment ... a programme is on TV at the moment about Greece, and I kept looking up and typed Greece ... I actually know you've been living in Cyprus! haha, what a dufus!!