Monday, October 02, 2006
Great Surprise...........
I'm quite happy today... Nicky is here! He is just in Cyprus for a week, he has to have one meeting for our client here, but apart from that, he is still working for the Irish. We had lunch together, and have spent quite some time chatting. I wish we still worked together...

Over the weekend I did not do much.......... went shopping on Saturday morning, and bought three towels and a fitted sheet at Zara Home. We don't have Zara Home in Paris, the nearest is at Antwerp, and I like their things, they are not cheap and nasty like Zara clothes. Then went back to the hotel, had a swim, slept and knitted. I finished the first square of the GNAA, here is a close-up of the diamond pattern:And the whole square (not blocked yet, of course):
I started on the second square, the Lois Young design, and I got quite a lot done yesterday as well:
This is a travelling vine pattern with leaves and flowers, and some increases that were quite troublesome at first. I haven't knitted for so long that I have to learn some things all over again. I guess this afghan is a good way to start, and I should, after some months, end up with something very nice for my flat.

Yesterday I came to work after breakfast and worked until about 2:30pm on problems, solving, documenting, raising new ones etc. Then went back to the hotel and had a swim (the pool closed at 4pm instead of 6pm both Saturday and Sunday because there were wedding parties), knitted quite a bit and got on with Partita:

I've started to draw out the threads for the nun stitching.... you can see the pulled work quite clearly above, the most fun to do were the middle square in the top row and the left and right squares in the bottom row.

I did a pathetically small amount of the inside of QOTN as well....

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  • At 2:19 am, Blogger AnneS

    Woohoo - how cool you got to catch up with Nicky again :D Your Partita is looking beautiful :) And your knitting squares look great too ... a lovely visual feast :D