Monday, October 16, 2006
Nicosia Today
I am here in the office, with Alec, Leo is in with Andy discussing the issues list. Rosetta of course went at 2:15, along with everyone else in the building. Her list of complaints that she gave to the big boss last week - that caused him to blast David and me - is actually not so very many issues. In one case where there was supposedly a subsystem that doesn't work, there is like one error that needs to be fixed and one thing she doesn't understand! So I'm not very impressed that she told BB nothing works.

I am going to duck out soon to the supermarket, to get some stuff I need for the apartment, then I am going to go home at 7pm or thereabouts. I think I will quite enjoy the Cleopatra apartments, they are quite small, rather like a motel would be in Australia, I think, but larger than French apartments. There is a small balcony, overlooking the street in my case, I am not on the swimming pool side, a sitting room with attached kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. I have asked them today to unlock the cupboard that the washing machine is in, find out how the airconditioning in the sitting room works and leave me some instructions for it, move the tv from the bedroom into the sitting room and get me about twenty more coathangers. That's enough for them to be going on with.

The flight yesterday was very tiring, not least because of the Cyprus Airways staff member sitting next to me - in uniform, mind you - who whipped out her cellphone as we were taxiing down the runway and started messaging her entire acquaintance, it seemed, as this continued until we were well and truly in the air. Fortunately we did get into the air and did not crash into the neareast village to Roissy. The highly pregnant lady in the seat on the other side of the aisle was looking a bit alarmed as well, so I screamed and called for the attendant as soon as the captain announced the crew were released. He told the woman next to me to cut it out, and she spent the rest of the flight looking daggers at me. I hope she is not a flight attendant that I get on a plane in the future, she will certainly remember me and put something horrible in my food. But really I think she must have had a problem, as when we landed she pushed past everyone else in her anxiety to be first out of the plane.

I got off the plane, to find that all the package tourist luggage came out, then there was a half hour wait for the priority luggage. Finally I staggered towards the exit, only to be ambushed by several Tjaereborg Rejser reps, who asked me, one after the other, at 10 meter intervals, was I Fru Holm-Jensen. No, I am Komtesse A R, I most unwisely replied.... it's an instinct to reply in Danish, if they address me in Danish, but in this case I would have been better off not replying, from the looks I got.

I had masses of luggage, as I am staying down here until Christmas........... I went shopping on Saturday, and at the sale at Le Bon Marche, I got a portable daylight lamp, 20% off the regular price of 68 euros, so I've brought that with me. I want to get everything sorted out tonight, and try to master the washing machine and so on.
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  • At 3:28 am, Blogger AnneS

    Sounds like you're slowly getting settled into the Cleopatra :) Enjoy your extended time in Nicosia :)