Friday, October 20, 2006
Sleep Deprivation
I have not had much sleep since Tuesday, thanks to the incompetent lawyer the company has employed here - the whole work permit saga has been going on since May 2005, and the latest thing is that I have to apply all over again! I think not, so I have directed the company to sack this man and employ someone who knows what they are talking about.

Our lawyer is so unpleasant, and he is telling lies, we get a different story every day, which is very tedious.

So I've been going home and agonising about it every night, which is unproductive but unavoidable. I fall asleep sometime in the small hours, and this morning got woken up by bulldozers and trucks in the street at 6:30am - looked out the window and they were removing rubbish from the car park next to the apartments and crushing into this truck. No wonder it was so noisy. I screamed, but of course the man who was directing operations just carried on regardless!

It looks as though the Cleopatra apartments get serviced Monday, Wednesday and Friday - this is about three times more per week than I would do any cleaning off my own bat!

I don't really have any plans for the weekend, except to finish my third GNAA square and Partita, plus sort out the other things I brought with me. I really thought I brough with me the Needlepoint Silks for Toccata, but I looked at what I brought, and the colour numbers are completely different, it is very strange. It is definitely what I ordered, I checked the order that I made - but these ones are definitely also not for Toccata. I can only think I ordered them for something else and didn't make a note of it. I really must be going senile. Plus I would like to start Toccata, and there is no chance of getting Needlepoint Silks in Cyprus.
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