Friday, October 27, 2006
Friday, Thank God
This week has been very very hard, the whole lawyer thing has been hell. He called Leo yesterday, and Leo refused to return his calls, then he called me on my cellphone, but I told him I was too ill to talk. Then we get an email saying that the work permit has been granted, and he has been waiting for us to contact him for a week to go to the Department of Immigration to collect it. As this is totally opposite from last week's story that I had to submit a whole new application, I don't believe it. He's actually told us before that the work permit would be issued on such and such a day, then mysteriously something goes wrong on that day, and it never eventuates.

He also keeps on saying he needs my passport, I think not, as he has already lost about seven copies of it and every other document we have ever sent him, so no originals! And definitely not a passport.

Mr New HR Man, who is actually in the Netherlands and not Paris (we have quite a large office in Utrecht), has asked some real lawyers to look into the matter. So hopefully something will happen.

I am still knitting away, I finished two more squares, Elise Duvekot and Michelle Wyman, now I am starting on Anna Zilboorg, which is one of those things where you slip one colour and knit the other colour on each row and end up having to do twice as many rows as normal. Hope it goes OK.

Today I really am going to go home early, I am unbearably tired (actually I am starting to get worried about this, as I wake up tired every morning). I need to get some decent sleep and not have nightmares about lawyers and other nasty creatures.... the others are not here, only the little boys from Singapore and two people from our partner, who are building a new database. We have a technical architect arriving on Monday to do a lot more databases and so on, there is finally a new machine, so I hope the days of snail-like databases are over.
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