Wednesday, November 01, 2006
I survived until the middle of the week...
Which yesterday I was beginning to doubt, I was that tired when I went home that I had to force myself to sit upright. The weather is not helping, we have had more rain in the last week than in the whole of the time that I have been in Cyprus, and it is accompanied by thunder and lightening on a grand scale. Alec loves it, but he is the only one.

The street kittens at the Cleopatra certainly did not like the thunder and lightning, when I got home, after wading through ankle deep water in the streets and dodging the spray from cars, the cats were all huddled in the doorway, begging to come inside. They all followed me in the front door and had to go out the back door - where at least they can shelter in the shed where the garden tables and chairs are kept. The staff would have a fit if they saw me letting the cats in, but the cats know who is who, and who will let them in.

I did more QOTN last night, even though I was dead tired, I really hope I will finish this at the weekend, the stitching, that is, the making up will take ages. If I can do this and do another GNAA square, I shall be happy. I don't think I could ever stitch according to a rotation, not with the way I have to work at present - and in my job, it is practically always going to be like this......
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