Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Back in Nicosia
I got back last night, and was interrogated unpleasantly at Immigration as usual, I've just sent a note to the Hologram about this. Actually I got interrogated on the way out as well, so that was not at all nice.

At least in Paris things went well, the course at La Tapisserie Au Point was excellent as usual. This one was Galons Et Bordures, there should be a picture tomorrow, it needs to be taken out of my suitcase and put back on the frame, I didn't have time last night. You will be impressed, I think, by the amount that we did in the class, it is pretty hard work at one of Veronique's courses. There were only three of us doing this one, plus there was a girl there who was doing the "Maison de Reve", which is the final and most impressive project that you can do as a class. I'm really looking forward to going back to do Motif Florentin in three weeks time.

The one rather boring point was that there was a Korean woman there who was rather strange, she wants to do all the courses very fast and then go back to Korea and teach - I have the feeling that she kind of wants to take the ideas and profit from them, because she was asking for copies of this and that. I think it's fine to be an agent in another country and do things correctly, but I get a bad feeling when it looks as though someone wants to plagiarise.

By the way, Veronique's new book is really great, and it is bilingual - although the diagrams are so fantastic that it doesn't need to be. I am seriously thinking of making the screen, it is a really practical and elegant way to record a sampler of stitches:

If you would like a book, you can order it here - I can highly recommend it. It is so well produced and the ideas are greatly inspiring.

Two days of courses from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm didn't really leave much time for anything else, especially when I also spent four hours on Saturday evening advancing for Sunday.

However on Friday I went to the hairdresser and have a new, shorter cut, David says it is rather nice, incredibly rare for him to notice, I wonder if his wife has been telling him to be more sensitive again! I also went to Brentano's and to Le Bon Marche - where I bought yarn, needles, a few notions and Christmas present for my sister. For some reason she is convinced that Petit Bateau T-shirts are the height of chic - they are actually children's ones that go up to an 18 year old size that quite small women can squeeze into - so I humour her by buying them. I don't actually know any French women that wear them, although children and teenagers do. Myself, I prefer something a bit more comfortable and better cut for a woman's figure, although I don't wear a lot of T-shirts anyway.

After that I went to the office to collect airtickets and talk to a few people who were there, and I crawled home again really quite early, about 4:00pm, to rest and get ready for the course.

I did get some nice mail while I was home - my clothes from Ulla Popken, some things from Criss Cross Row and Traditional Stitches, and a Rowan magazine with lovely cushions in it. But I am still waiting for a few things.

Yesterday I stayed at home until it was time for my taxi, the morning was only enlivened by a call from Sylvain, who with his usual tact and diplomacy said it didn't really matter if I had a Cyprus work permit, because then he could take me back to his French project. Talk about missing the point entirely! I did not appreciate, especially when it turned out that the reason he wanted to talk to me was to ask questions to help him with an RFP for Algeria. Algeria, I shrieked, what is wrong with Belgium or Germany or Denmark or somewhere normal? I am getting quite worried about this continued tendancy to go for contracts in Muslim countries, it simply is too dangerous and unsuitable for women to work there.

Anyway today I am playing catch up, better go...

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