Sunday, November 12, 2006
Sunday Afternoon
Terrible sleep last night.... I got up and was at breakfast before 9:00am, which almost no-one is on Sunday, the head waiter nearly fell over to see me. Then went and bought some papers and went back to my flat to read them. And I sewed up the two biscornus I have, and cut the threads for the tassels. Maybe some rhythmic winding thread around card will be a gentle pre-bedtime occupation for me tonight.

Part of the problem was that I was thinking of Diana, as I wrote about her yesterday. Diana sadly died at the age of 31, in an accident in Paris, it was perfectly dreadful, as you might imagine, the death of such a young and healthy person. Whatever you could say about Diana, she was very very alive and vibrant - sometimes far too much so for the peace and quiet of the office, in fact. I still feel terrible every time I think about her, not only because of that, but because frankly I didn't like her at all. Apart from the Luigi episode, she often behaved quite badly, she hurt and upset a lot of people who were not in her exclusive group. So in some ways her death was a lot worse than if she had been universally popular and admired.

On a more cheerful subject, I saw someone yesterday that I hadn't seen for ages, I went to a new coffee shop,Gloria Jeans Coffees, and the manager is an Australian Cypriot guy that I used to see at our regular coffee shop. They told me he had left the last time I was in there and said, Tony not here today? He hasn't moved far, it's only just up the road. Coffee shops, their air thick with smoke are very popular here, your average Cypriot can spend hours in them. This one, Gloria Jeans, is not bad, they have good flavoured coffees, like white chocolate Macadamia. Yum. Funny that most of the people I know in Cyprus work in coffee shops... or hairdressers.... it kind of reflects the limited range of spare time activities.

Well, I had better go and find some lunch....
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