Monday, November 13, 2006
Biscornu Photos
Mary's Pin Pillow from Indigo Rose:
Pretty in Pink from Indigo Rose:
Both of them together:
As I planned, I did the tassels last night and attached them. It was quite hard putting Pretty in Pink on her pedestal, with two buttons to attach at opposite ends. I lucked out with the buttons for Mary, it specifies small white ones in the pattern, and I found some at the knitting wool shop in Kyriacou Matsi that were ivory with little brown speckles, all different, that go perfectly with the linen and the Waterlilies silk that is in the alphabet.

I also started Catherine Agnes last night, and have done two Rhodes Hearts! I want to try and finish this by the end of the year, and make it a 2006 finish. I wonder if I can do it!

Today Leo and I have been to a lawyer this morning, one that the HR Hologram's law firm in Amsterdam has recommended. It appears that not just me, but everyone, is in an irregular situation, because the company has not been correctly registered in Cyprus. Goodness knows how long this is going to take to sort out. At least this lawyer is polite and has offices nearby, this is two points more positive than the old one. He gave me a cup of mint tea, which was most welcome, and again one cup more than I ever got from Jerkbrain.

Also today I am not in so much pain from the fall, but the bruising is quite colourful. I was telling David about it, and he says, at least you can't show us this! Still I shall try to go early and get some rest, it's always tough in a week where I fly.
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