Wednesday, November 15, 2006
One Day To Go!
Last night I had a pleasant surprise, Veronique de Luna rang me to confirm the course for Saturday and Sunday, she is having trouble with her email, so she was calling everyone. She was a bit surprised to hear that I was in Cyprus, but it was good to hear a friendly voice for once. And at least , at the weekend, if I survive the plane trip, I will be able to forget about work permits and other things. And, of course, France is one country where I do not need to worry about being refused entry, I have a beautiful 10 year carte de resident.

I just checked with Alec and David, the airport is enforcing the plastic bag rule quite strictly, for liquids, and it does take longer to go through security. Really it is quite inconvenient, and I don't think it will stop terrorists anyway. Frankly air travel is becoming so unpleasant and inconvenient that I am just not willing to do it any more unless absolutely necessary. Why don't we get some nice contracts in Belgium or Germany where I can go by train every week? The worst thing is that it gives the petty tyrants who work in airports an opportunity to behave as badly as they like, and they justify it all by the threat of terrorism. Like the lesbian in Belfast who used to run her hands rather too much over my body every week, she was awful. And there was another funny little lady there who used to tug viciously at my Chanel necklace on the pretext of looking under it to see if I had any weapons of terrorism hidden there! I think not!

Probably I will not post again until Tuesday, as I will be fairly busy over the weekend - on Friday it is hairdresser, shopping etc etc etc, then Satuday and Sunday with Veronique and fly back on Monday. Not sure how much stitching I will get done either...
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