Thursday, November 23, 2006
Galons Et Bordures Photos
I think this is after about 20 hours work:

As you see, it is a central square followed by borders in different stitches - the central square will get cream wool woven through the ecru that is there now, but this is not done until the very end. There is only one border that is not started, it is a very easy one that we did not do in class. Veronique's instructions are excellent, by the way, with both written instructions and diagrams, so you cannot go wrong.

I hope to finish it by the next time I go home, as then I will have the Motif Florentin (which Veronique says actually is not so much work as this).

Today is setting out to be rather frustrating, as I am having problems with a batch job for adhoc letters. Our people in Singapore really miss the point sometimes, they have got no idea about business things, and are quite capable of saying that it shouldn't be possible to recover from some errors, while I am saying, well, the client would actually like to send letters to these people, so there has to be a way to sort it out! I had a very frustrating episode where they told me it shouldn't be logically possible for two, or even three, different parts of the same street to be in different postcode areas. You should have seen the maps I drew, with mountains, winding roads and other geographic phenomena. And the hilarious thing was that these scraps of paper - I was as usual drawing on paper napkins and old envelopes - got scanned and sent off to Singapore, where they were minutely discussed.

I have so much testing and documentation to do, and the HR Hologram has not come back to me.
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