Wednesday, November 22, 2006
I have taken photos of my progress with Galons et Bordures, but did I bring the cable so that I could upload them to the computer? No, no, no, of course not!

Actually I spent about 45 minutes of work time on this just before, because it was the fire drill. They set off all the alarms, a perfectly excruciating noise, and everyone had to get out, we were told it would take about an hour, so David and I went off to the coffee shop. Alec went home to work, and Leo went to the Archbishopric! I think he was looking for a religious bookshop, he wanted to buy some holy pictures or something, do not ask me why, as of course he is Jewish. He has an enthusiasm for Borat lately also, and is driving us all mad with Borat jokes, which are not at all funny after the first time (some of them not even then).

David stayed over last weekend and he took the boys from Singapore to Paphos with him, he had quite a good talk with them on the way back when they stopped at Governor's Beach... they are very worried about the takeover, as the new company ("O") does not pay per diem, they just pay actual expenses upon production of receipts. Now of course we all hope to save a bit on our per diems, but for these guys, in fact it is as much as their actual salary! They get paid very low salaries, I'm not sure much, but it may only be the equivalent of $10,000 US per annum, but they are getting £27 CYP per day as the per diem, so this is quite a lot of money for them. They try to spend less than £10 per day, I think, in fact, it takes effort to spend more than that, unless you eat a lot, or buy Missoni scarves every week, like some of us.

We actually did get a European employee FAQ about "O", but it was extremely useless, mostly it just said, you will be informed in the future!
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