Sunday, December 03, 2006
Catherine Agnes & Other Progress
Yesterday I had breakfast, then went shopping, just bought a crochet hook and some shoes from Aerosoles. Nothing exciting, black work shoes, although they are rather nice and very comfortable.

Then I went straight home and basically did Galons et Bordures all day, with intervals of knitting my scarf and a small amount of Catherine Agnes. For G&B I have only the outer border of "cachemire en pave" - I think this is also called Cashmere Stitch in English - and weaving the threads in the centre, so I will finish it either today or tomorrow. Also the scarf now just needs its fringe. It has come out well, looks rather expensive, which is good. It is for casual wear only, being fluffy. I'll post a picture as soon as the fringe is on. Same with G&B, when I've done the last border.

I just downloaded the latest issue of "Gift of Stitching" magazine, it was a bit better than some of the recent issues. A lot of Christmas ornaments, some of them quite nice, including some Quaker ones from Olde Willow Stitchery, which I may well make. Most of the patterns in this magazine though are not normally to my taste, and some of the articles - there is a most tedious serious about a scientist who becomes a designer, I'm afraid I like neither her writing nor her designs. I'm not sure if I will subscribe again, I'll make the decision after I see the next issue.

I looked at my last post again, with my rave about the Dwarf, anyone who reads it and doesn't know the whole history would think I was crazy... but I've been thinking a whole lot about the issue of bullying lately. Of course, he wasn't just a bully, but also a liar and a cheat. I've found out that my old apartment's lease did not forbid having pets, as he always told me it did. He was a cat hater, in fact he used to say they were stupid, which he made the mistake of saying to the Big Boss one day. So he cooked this one up just to annoy me. What is really indefensible, though, is the way he bullied the kids from Singapore. The first little girl that came used to spend a lot of time in the loo crying, and she asked me for help, which really cut me up, because there wasn't a lot I could do. I offered to talk to her boss and get him to do something about it (he's a friend of mine from way back), but she didn't want this. I think in the end she talked to him, and she did get moved. The current two boys had only a few weeks of the Dwarf regime, but it was enough for them, I think. Especially the bit where he met them from a 16 hour flight and brough them straight to the office for eight hours work! I did tell their boss about that one, he was not impressed.

I've just taken photos of the latest Catherine Agnes progess - 6 spots finished! - but this beastly blogger will not allow me to post them!

My plans for the afternoon include going to Debenhams to buy a pink computer mouse, then home to read the Sunday paper and have a sleep. There is a movie with Hugh Grant on tonight, so I'll watch that while dsoing G&B.

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