Friday, December 01, 2006
Words Fail Me
I was talking to the Resources Director in London this morning about the whole work permit problem plus some other things, and guess what he told me? The Dwarf has asked for me to come and work with him in the desert!!!! Of course, I accused Mr RD of making up stories, but he swears this is true. Naturally I said that nothing would make me do this, I would rather slit my wrists. It appears that Mr RD has told him I am unavailable, which I suppose is true, but I told him I would prefer that he had said I would rather slit my wrists than work with (sorry, I mean, for him) him again.

I actually cannot believe that this bizarre little gargoyle can tell me in front of a whole project team, including people from outside the company, that I am a useless architect who has put the whole project in jeopardy with my pathetic decision sheets, then a year later make a request that I come and work with him again. What does he want to do? Finish me off entirely! Or maybe he really is entirely insensitive and just doesn't think about anyone else, I actually think that is probably correct.

I told Mr RD that, actually in my worse moments, I have visions of the Dwarf being stoned to death for drinking alcohol - it's not allowed there, another reason not to go, because for some reason close proximity to the Dwarf induces near-alcoholism in even the most sober types. I'll never forget the night that David, Nicky and I drank five bottles of wine between us, watched with fascinated horror by Alec and the two from Singapore (who had all stopped at a glass or two). Normally none of us drinks anything much, so you can imagine the effects. But this was after we had been doing business process re-engineering with the help of the Dwarf, it was hell.

On more pleasant subjects, I did a bit more of Catherine Agnes last night, I now have three complete spots and three part spots. I hope to increase that tonight! I have decided I will do the borders for the reticello squares as I go, then do the cutting and weaving as the last of the spot work. Actually it is one thing of which I have no fear, I find all the detached buttonholing much more difficult, it is just that I think I will get the best result doing it like that.

This weekend, I want to do more of my Anny Blatt scarf, plus finish Galons et Bordures, as well as the stitching on La Ruche. Also I will come on Sunday, and finish one more section of my guide to meter management and testing.
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