Thursday, November 30, 2006
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I went home very early yesterday, like 5:00pm, because I was so upset about the work permit.... I haven't really slept for some days, so I called the HR Hologram. Of course they are doing nothing except talking to lawyers, who keep on saying that it takes three months to apply for a Cyprus work permit, when the whole problem is that we applied for it eighteen months ago and it is sitting in the ministry unprocessed.

I did some more of Galons et Bordures, which will get finished this weekend, also took out Catherine Agnes again. I have started now on the spots:

I was thinking last night about Christmas and all that, I haven't decided what to do yet. Maybe nothing, maybe just stay at home and try to get some rest. It would be kind of nice to go to a spa, but most of them are closed and those that aren't put up their prices. It's fairly crucial for me not to spend too much money this Christmas, I've paid off all my ex-husband's debts this year, and now I need to concentrate on acquiring some money of my own. I've made a good start, I think, but I can't be extravagant at all. I am sending Christmas presents to my mother and sister in New Zealand, and I will send something to Perth when my brother's new baby arrives in February, but that's all.

It's a pain this whole work permit thing, it's really spoiling what should be quite a nice time! Last year this time we were being terrorised by the Dwarf, who, I now realise, is just a pathetic little bully. I'm not sure why they keep him on, and David keeps on saying surely they must fire him, but it never happens. Leo wrote a most pointed note about something where he'd verbally promised the client that something would work, and of course it doesn't, because he never did anything about it, and we don't have a leg to stand on, because the document we do have that does NOT include this promise was never signed off by the client. He copied it to the Dwarf as well as the ones who were asking why this had to be done now, but I do not know what repsonse, if any, he got.

The other thing is that I would really like to see Nicky before Christmas, but I don't know if that is going to be possible.


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