Monday, November 27, 2006
Monday - Weekend Progress Report
Well, I didn't do much except stitch this weekend. On Saturday morning I went shopping and bought some Greek aromatherapy stuff as part of my sister's Christmas present, plus two evening bags from Accessorize, including this Claudia Schiffer bag:
The other one was a black satin one with a bow and a small handle, only about £10, which I thought good. I bought a few magazines as well, and was home by 11:30 am, sitting on the sofa, doing Galons et Bordures. And I stayed there for all of Saturday, and made some progress.

Similarly on Sunday, I went to work for about two hours, but spent the rest of the day stitching, mostly on Galons et Bordures, but also a little on La Ruche (which I am determined to make a 2006 finish), and I also wound three balls of Anny Blatt yarn into one, as I am going to make a (rather expensive) multi-stranded scarf. Actually I don't knit very much these days, but every winter I like to make a couple of small things. In France there seem to be sort of little crazes about knitting some things, and one can go to Bon Marche and pick up free patterns for them if you buy the yarn. This scarf is one of these, obviously meant to entice people into buying three balls of Anny Blatt.

Today we have had the usual Monday review meeting, plus a conference call with the Big Big Boss in Paris and the HR Hologram about the takeover, of course there were no answers to anything. David went to sleep during it, of course! Did I mention that he went to the airport last week and had to ring Leo as he was about to board the plane, to say that he thought he had left the door of his apartment unlocked. Leo went there and sure enough, it was unlocked, with the key in the door. This is pretty much normal for David, I fear.

I also heard that the Big Boss from London is coming next Monday and Tuesday, so I will try to talk to him about my work permit. Actually he is someone I get on quite well with, although he is most terribly, terribly busy and rarely has time to talk these days.

Now it is my turn to go to Costas and buy the coffee...

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