Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Tuesday AM
Well, Leo has just photocopied my passport, my alien booklet (yes, truly that's what they give foreigners in Cyprus) and my French resident's card. A propos of the alien booklet, Big Boss from London laughed uproariously when he saw it and said he always knew and now it was official! I gave him a look and said that lots of other people should actually have alien booklets in that case.

But it seems that Leo will see the new lawyer this week, I only hope that I will not get arrested coming back into Cyprus on Monday. It is also possible that Sylvain will be on the same plane. We are not getting a visit from Big Boss next week, it has been downgraded to just Sylvain. It is faintly embarrassing travelling with Sylvain, as he is in economy and I am in business class - if we check in together, he can check in at the same counter, but cannot come into the lounge, so I feel impelled to sit in the public area with him, and I hate this. Then of course we travel in different cabins, and I get off the plane and into the first bus, so we don't meet again until baggage claim. One thing, if I get arrested for not having a work permit, then at least Sylvain will see it and be able to do something (I hope, although I have a suspicion he would be useless).

On far more pleasant subjects, I was thinking about what pieces I should start stitching in 2007. Toccata 1 and 2 are high on the list, and today I read on the Elegant Stitch website that Toccata 3 will be released in January, so I think I had better get cracking on 1 and 2 as first projects for the New Year. I still have some leftovers from 2006 (lots of finishing, too!), and I will try and do another two UFOs next year.

This year's two UFOs are the Inglestone Sampler and La Ruche, the latter being not quite finished, but I will finish it on the plane on Thursday, I think. I'm going to get a frame for it at Le Bon Marche on Friday, and I'm sure I have bees and a suitable button. Next year's UFOs are going to be the Green Usak cushion and something else, not sure yet, there is a hardanger table mat that only needs fillings and some finishing. But there are some others that are equally worthy - although I probably only have about six UFOs, tops, which I think is not bad, compared to some I have read about.

David isn't here this week yet, he is at a bat mitzvah in London and won't be back until tomorrow, I miss him.... double miss Nicky, of course, but we talk a lot.

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  • At 11:46 pm, Blogger Katrina

    Hi Ally, big wave to you from NZ -thanks for stopping by my blog, its great to hear from another kiwi stitcher.