Monday, December 04, 2006
Finally, CA Pictures!
Well, I think I am not the world's greatest photographer, but here we are:

I really enjoy those Rhodes stitches, and the spider webs, but not the buttonholing... actually I did a lot more last night (three spots on the left-hand side), and have nine completed spots and two partial ones, plus the outline of the four reticello areas. I am on track to be able to do the inner borders on the plane on Thursday.

Today there does seem to be some movement on the work permit front - Leo, who is quite rightly fed up with the whole thing, is talking to some lawyers, so maybe by the time I am leaving Cyprus, I will have a work permit. Alec, who came on the plane from Tel Aviv last night, got asked at Immigration to show a new receipt - NOT a work permit, they don't care about that for him, but they want to know that he has paid a new application fee, since his old one is over a year old! I guess this is an easy source of revenue for the Cyprus Government.

Apart from that, I am still working away on meter testing.....


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  • At 10:11 am, Blogger AnneS

    Just wanted to say how lovely Galons Et Bordures is looking - it looks like a fun piece to stitch! Catherine Agnes is coming along beautifully as well - this is one of my fave IR pieces. Have to say, too, I nearly choked when I read the Dwarf had requested you go back to work with him!! LOL - that's just too funny ... he really must have a thick skin, that's for sure! Hope your visas get sorted out soon ... that sort of stress you don't need just before Christmas! Also hope you get your Christmas wish to see Nicky before Christmas too ;)