Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Photos - Motif Florentin, CA
Here is the start of the Motif Florentin, the result just of six hours work on Sunday:
As you see, the colours are very subtle, in fact so subtle that I left one of them in its box in Paris, so I won't be able to finish it while I am here! The final measurement is 12 cm wide by 24.5 high, and Veronique has used hers on a cushion.
Now Catherine Agnes, as you see she is so advanced that I think she will be a 2006 finish:
I love the spider webs, I was quite careful with the Polar Ice silk to get them all slightly different in colour, and I think it's worked well:
The Mardi Gras silk is great for the lettering, I think it is a great colour:

And you see I have cut the threads in the corner spots, so weaving is the easy part! Still a couple of other spots to finish, including the bullion knot one, of course.

Last night I did go out (in the rain, we had rain!), just to the Breton Creperie near the hotel. It wasn't bad for a Breton Creperie in Nicosia, although the waitress did seem a bit puzzled by my French pronounciation of the items on the menu... the crepe complete was with buckwheat flour, although it was not as dark as it would have been in Brittany, but I expect that wouldn't be to local tastes. Then had a sweet crepe Suzette, and it was all washed down with three glasses of wine. I should make the effort to do this more often.

Plans for the next few days include a lot of testing, I hope, as we are scheduled to get a big delivery today.... maybe I will have to do some work at the weekend to get all of this finished before Christmas.

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