Friday, December 15, 2006
Well, we did get a release, I sent most of it back and departed here in a foul mood at 9pm... I can't believe it, I am still having trouble with addresses being printed on a report.

This is the one where first we couldn't get a report at all, because one Street Number out of 3000 was missing. Now it came out, but with a message saying "Street Number missing", no Street, Town, anything else that might help to identify it. So I say, this is not what we discussed. They say, well, this is what the standard address formatting algorithm does, it would be very complicated to do anything else, and take a long time. I've now told them I can't see why, it is only putting the information that is on the database on a piece of paper, and furthermore I have no way of explaining to the client why that is so practically impossible, so please start now.

I'm honestly not sure whether it is ignorance, a desire to avoid work, or whatever, all I know is that, when I was a programmer, I wouldn't have dreamed of doing something like that. If the client had wanted an address, I would have provided it, if it was there.

Also very frustrating is that I have counted the number of bullion knots required for the last spot on CA - it is 28! 7 per side of this "flower"! All I can say is, I expect I will have improved somewhat at bullion knots by the end of this (or else be able to embroider slugs most convincingly). I am really not fond of these, and I loathe people who say they are easy and do all those awful things from "Inspirations" that are composed entirely of them. I speak of the horrible white bears covered with the things, that type of thing. Actually I like quite a lot of the things in "Inspirations", although I've never made any, and I no longer subscribe, because it's terribly expensive in France, and they have way too many childrens and baby things for me. The bears and the mice are just too much!

One thing about the bullion knots is that I find them impossible to work in the frame, so I am glad I used Q Snaps, it's easy to remove them and stitch the bullion knots without. I am up to knot number 9. I suspect that daylight is essential, so I will be doing them between 2pm and 4pm this afternoon i.e. gap being client going home and it getting dark.

Leo was muttering yesterday about he really had to go to Lefkara, so I hope he decides to do this next week and take me with him. He talked practically non-stop yesterday, and must have made or received 50 phone calls - I said to David, was he related to the duracell bunny, and David said, at least the duracell bunny, while energetic, was quietly so. Leo doesn't sit in the separate office like the Dwarf did, he prefers to be out with us - the Dwarf was so status-conscious about things like this, and he used to close the door if he was talking on the phone, because it was all top-secret, of course.

Only 8 days until I go home for Christmas! I am so looking forward to it, even though Paris will be cold and grey, and I will be by myself for most of the time. It will just be nice not to have to think about work permits and so on for a while. Although there may be progress, Leo is talking to another lawyer, and the reason I think there may be progress is because this one is a woman, and will probably actually do something, as opposed to the previous one, who was a very arrogant man, who did so little that I was actually surprised that he could breathe unaided.
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