Saturday, December 16, 2006
Catherine Agnes - Slugs & All!
Here is Catherine Agnes as she is now:

And a close-up (not real great quality) of the "slugs":
I did quite a bit yesterday, you see, and it feels good to have started the borders - definitely this is a 2006 finish!
I got up this morning and went in to breakfast about 9 am, coinciding with the exit of the boys from Singapore who were about to drive to Paphos in a hire car. They did invite me to go with them, but I am a bit wary of going with people whose driving skills I don't know about. Given that neither of them drives regularly, and when they do, it's on the other side of the road, staying at home may be the wiser option, when you also take into account the rudimentary road skills of most Cypriots. Especially as I technically don't have travel insurance, although the Hologram told me yesterday that it would be extended, there were two options and he should hear last night which was the one they were going to take. He also did tell me that they were looking at everyone else's days away from home to see if they were affected - although it wouldn't surprise me if I were the only one at present, as most people are weekly commuters. I almost feel sorry for him, he expressed some surprise that no-one was officially counting the days, you can tell he hasn't been with the company very long.
I plan to spend the day stitching and shopping..... also to avoid getting my wallet snatched, which is what happened on the equivalent day last year, David kindly reminded me on Thursday!

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