Friday, December 15, 2006
Later on Friday
Now I feel quite good, because I finished the bullion knots, I now have 14 completed spots, as I have fillings to do on two, plus the inner borders and the alphabet. So it is two fillings, plus the outer borders and the corners to go!

I also just called up and paid my Barclaycard over the phone, it makes me feel good to feel that I no longer owe them £1100 - this was from old hotel bills, and I have had the money for it sitting in my account for ages, as it was reimbursed on expenses. But I haven't been able to work out from the Barclaycard bill how I am supposed to pay an account that is in £ sterling when I have euros. Goodness, I just called them, and they said, we accept French debit cards, no problem. On the last day of this year, I am going to sit and drink a toast to 2006, the year that I ended with no debts at all. It was only thanks to the per diem allowance, and to determined non-spending, I didn't, for example, go on holiday or anything like that.

The thing is now, to keep it up, and never to get into debt again - not having a husband will surely help that, it all dates from his era, and we are talking seven years ago, so it takes a while to get over it. But I think one bottle of champagne for Christmas and one bottle for New Year might be allowed. Someone asked me about champagne and living in France, actually, an Australian friend, because in Australia we always used to drink local "champagne" (forbidden to call it that though), and I think it was about $5 per bottle on special. So she was asking how much champagne is in France, and is it better, worse, worth it etc. The answer is, it comes in all prices from 5 euros upwards, and not all of it is really champagne, some is made the same way, but comes from other places, like Alsace or the Loire. If I want a bottle for Christmas, I would probably spend a fair amount, up to 50 euros, but more likely about 30, just depending on where I go and what there is. If they have a really good deal on something that is normally 80 or 100 euros and it is half price, I would be tempted indeed. Of course this is more expensive than what I used to pay in Australia, but it is better, I have to admit, as I like really dry stuff with subtle but abundant and durable bubbles. The only other "champagne" I like is the NZ Pelorus, but actually this costs 25 euros in France as well. And if you buy NZ wine in France, you will probably get a lecture from everyone else in the shop, unless you put on a pitiful face and declare extreme homesickness!
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