Monday, December 18, 2006
We are all frustrated, as part of the move to "O", we have had to tidy up our mail so that it is less than 1MB, and also change our passwords so that they contain 8 letters, including at least one capital and one special character. The mail thing is bad enough (I had 4MB, and that is not unusual), but the password thing is anguish indeed. David ended up with neither his new nor his old password working, and I have my new password working with Outlook, but not anything else. Then, to add insult to injury, we have to change them every three months - so, just as soon as one has finally remembered the old one, I guess. This move does not take account of the geriatric architects, it seems.

Last night I took out Motif Florentin and did a bit, not a whole lot, but I also finished the first skein of "Blossom" on my new scarf. This is good, because I would like to wear it soon, and also I have two more scarves and three pairs of socks to knit! Actually I have lots to do when I get back to Paris, and the first thing is to sort out exactly what I do have to do. I also tracked down the peach coloured Medici wool I need for Toccata 1 - it is discontinued, but Victoria Broad in Paris have stocks and are mailing it to me. Actually all of Medici wool is discontinued, which is a pity, it was nice fine wool, very useful. I suppose they want to concentrate on their horrible new threads and all that ghastly Senseo stuff.

Tonight may be a good night to have crepes, I am feeling rather jaded.
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