Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Not to me, but unfortunately to Leo - he was going for a walk last night and got hit by a car, which then drove off. He was very lucky, it just got his leg, and there is a very deep cut that has required 40 stitches, but when you think what could have happened! The car just drove off, which I think iniquitous, and Alec said there was no way with that sort of deep injury that the car would not have known that he had hit Leo. What a coward!

Poor Leo was kind of left lying in the road, but he could at least phone Alec, and it was fairly near their apartments, so he got there quickly, and they phoned our taxi driver, who came and took them to hospital. She was great, and got them to the best hospital, and stayed there all night, and took Alec back to get pyjamas and toiletries for Leo, and then back home finally at 1:00am.

David phoned the Hologram this morning, to try and get the insurance sorted out, I hope at least that Leo is covered properly. Poor David is kind of overcome by guilt, because he was out running at the time, and he heard voices calling to him - it was Alec and Leo - but he couldn't see them in the dark and thought they were just calling out hello, not that something serious had happened! He says he has had a couple of close shaves while running, the behaviour of motorists here is really, really bad.

Part of the problem is that there are no pavements on a lot of streets, or, if there are, there are cars parked on them, so you have to walk on the road. But the Cypriots are not usually skilled drivers, which is amazing for the amount of time they spend driving and for how enthusiastic they are about cars. I have to admit I plan things when I go places so that I have as few big roads as possible to cross, and I wouldn't walk some places in the dark - not because I am scared of anyone I might meet, but because of the traffic.

Last night while all this was happening I am afraid I was at "Ty Couz", the Breton cafe near the hotel (round the corner and across a small street only) eating Crepe St Malo, which has ham, cheese, mushroom and egg. Plus two glasses of wine. I went back home at 10pm, and knitted for a while, then went to bed and had some problems falling asleep. Got up this morning, and came here to find I was the only one, joined shortly thereafter by David, and we sat wondering where Alec and Leo were, until the truth was revealed when Alec came in and told us about the accident.

We just spoke to Leo on the phone, and he sounds extremely subdued for him, but the doctor will tell him later whether he can go home today. It looks as though he will be on crutches for a while, of course....... we also just had a visit from the big boss here, to say how terrible it was, and I think he will be getting a few more calls of sympathy.
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