Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Boxing Day
Or the day after Christmas, for those who don't use the English expression. In France this is not a holiday (in Cyprus it is, and they tend to call it Boxing Day as well, when they speak English), so I have been out to Monoprix and Le Bon Marche, now am sitting in McDo making use of the free wireless.

I got home on Saturday, absolutely whacked, because I had to wait over an hour for my baggage - marked priority, but it came out last, the communists must have been on duty again- , and when I got out the driver with my name on a card was looking rather boot-faced, which was nothing to what he looked when we got to my place and found there was no elevator. I still haven't unpacked most things, actually, I have been so tired since, and my place looks like a bombsite. One that is being tidied up however! I have been through a few piles of things and rearranged them, and I should continue to do this over the next few days. One thing is that I have an awful lot of clothes I just do not wear, so they are all going in the Emmaus bags (that's an organisation we have here for charity).

Saturday and yesterday I did not do much, except read and stitch - I have all but finished Catherine Agnes, there should be a photo in the next update, and I have started a new scarf, in alpaca, in a very simple chevron lace pattern (which I have had to unpick a few times, I am really out of practice at this!)

I did speak to my mother and my sister in NZ, they had just finished Christmas dinner, a huge feed of roast lamb and kumara (of which I was very jealous), so they were replete, to say the least. My mother sent me 50 euros and my sister sent me a travel set of Trilogy skin care products and a book of subversive desk signs for the office. My favourites are "I don't get even - I get odder" and "Situation Desperate - Bring Chocolate". I myself just had some steak with bearnaise sauce and little charlotte potatoes and creamed carrots for Christmas dinner, nothing huge or fancy.

That's about it for now, I am going to go home and do some more tidying / stitching / reading. By the way, I am really behind in reading everyone else's blogs and commenting, I hope you will forgive me.
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