Thursday, December 28, 2006
The Ice Age
Here in Paris the top temperature this week has been about 3 degrees, and there is simply no sun. There is daylight starting about 9am through to about 5pm, so in fact I haven't been getting up until after 9am, and then it is round about zero, according to the outside thermometer. Outside it is very dull and semi-foggy at that hour, we don't seem to get any clear light until the afternoon.

Of course I'm not really used to the cold any more, after over a year in Cyprus, I think I spent about three days in Paris last winter, as that was the height of the Dwarf's horror regime when I was never allowed to go home. Actually I had a horrible dream about him last night, in which he asked me to be the lead architect on his new project (whereabouts unknown) and I burst into laughter.... don't know what happened after that, as I woke up.

Anyway I am not doing a lot in this weather, I venture out in small bursts, have been to Modes et Travaux to pick up some more DMC for my A Mon Ami Pierre Darning Sampler that I intend to start next week, have been to WH Smith to buy books, to supermarket to buy food etc, but that's about it. I am doing a bit of tidying up in the apartment also, it looks less like a bomb site.

I have finished Catherine Agnes, and there will be a photo at the weekend, also one of La Ruche, which is going into its frame today. My other pre-New Year task is to finish the Motif Florentin. I'm also knitting a La Droguerie alpaca scarf rather slowly, it's about 20 centimeters now.

Fortunately the weather is due to improve and the weekend should rise to the tropical heights of 10 or 12 degrees! With sun, as well. I hope it keeps up during the week, as I have to go to doctor's, epilation, hairdresser etc etc, before I go back to Cyprus.
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