Monday, January 08, 2007
Totally Hilarious
It's my first day back at work today, and I have the expected backlog of problems that they have been saving for me for two weeks...

But today David wandered in some time after I did, looking a bit dishevelled (nothing unusual), and after about half an hour, disappeared into the bathroom, then came out again and announced that he seemed to have forgotten to shave one side of his face this morning.

So he had to go out and buy razors, and disappeared in the bathroom again to rectify the situation - all the while Andy, our main client, was looking for him, because they were supposed to have a meeting fifteen minutes ago. Alec and I were sitting there, saying, oh Andy, he will be back in just a minute or two.

Then he turned up again, went to the meeting for two hours and came back, announcing, really he didn't think that Andy was very organised! Like, pot, kettle, black - at least Andy has never turned up with half his face shaved. Poor David had to disappear for a siesta after that, he only just got back.

Leo is still at home, I heard that he spent another three days in hospital at home after his accident, and now people are joking that he has become accustomed to the life of an invalid, with his wife waiting on him hand and foot, to say nothing of not having to put up with us whinging at him about visas, expenses or whatever. I guess he will be back next week, I was fairly certain he would not come back while he was still on crutches, as it would be hard flying - Larnaca Airport is busses and steps to the planes - and the streets of Nicosia are hard enough for the able-bodied to negotiate, since, in the rare instances they do have footpaths, these are filled with cars, trees and other assorted debris. Streetlights are also a rarity, but not so potholes. I have got no idea how anyone in a wheelchair manages, it must be perfectly dreadful.

I did not get out today to the shop where they have DMC, it is about twenty minutes walk from here, and I only went out across the road to get a salad for lunch. Yesterday I did quite a bit of Toccata 1, but I have been unable to do as the booklet suggests and complete all the borders before doing the squares. As I cannot do some of the borders because of the missing colour, I have done some squares as well to help with the placement. So there is most of the top border, plus parts of the first two rows of squares completed.

Optimistically I have added a section for 2007 finishes in my sidebar, but I don't know when there will be anything in it. Never probably, if I keep on getting so many new problems every days, and if David doesn't stop roaring obscenities in my ear when things don't go his way. Sometimes he is not a restful person with whom to share a desk... and I don't even have Nicky to make faces at any more.
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