Friday, January 05, 2007
Finally Some Pictures
First, La Ruche, before getting its metal bees, beehive button and being put in the frame:

I need to take another picture of it to show it complete, but I had this one, so thought I should post it. The linen band is rather cute, half green and half blue, I think it's a good use of the fabric.

Now, Motif Florentin, a closeup to show the pattern and texture:

And the overall view, not very exciting, it's about 25cm long:

And here is the finished (and unironed!) Catherine Agnes:

with a closeup of the corner:

I think the colours on CA are truly spectacular, and others agree - Alec looked at it while it was in progress and said he thought it was very beautiful. Coming from him, it's a big compliment.

This week has been a bit of a washout, I have not felt great and had to go to the doctor, I have some horrible new pills now, that have side effects for the first two weeks or so, just a bit of dizziness and upset stomach, nothing too horrific, but still. I've also spent rather too much time chasing up insurance and work permits, only the insurance has materialised. At present I am at work having extensive dialogue with the Resources Director, who is trying to get the necessary documentation for me to be allowed to enter Cyprus tomorrow. And chatting with Nicky, who thought I was already there (he was supposed to go to the US for Christmas, but didn't because of the Heathrow fiasco). The others have all gone out to have sushi, but I declined to join them, as wet, cold, raw fish in this sort of temperature is not really my idea of fun.

This year, so far, I have done virtually no stitching, and certainly cannot boast of any 2007 finishes! I've been too occupied with doctors, medication, and work permits to do much.

But I did well in 2006, if you look at my list of finishes in the side bar (although there is some construction still to do). If I can do as well in 2007, I will be happy. I have two large samplers, Toccata 1 and AMAP Darning Sampler, ready to go, when I am in Cyprus, and I am also taking a few smaller things. There are a few things I am leaving for later, I don't intend to doany more afghan squares before Easter, I think, and maybe the same for Lefkaritika, we shall see.

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