Thursday, January 11, 2007
Rats, or rather Frogs
I had to undo some of the right-hand border of Toccata 1 last night, as I had made a counting mistake! So I am even less inclined to take the advice to do the whole border first - I am now putting more letters in, just to make sure everything does line up. I plan to spend most of the weekend on this, since it looks as though we are going to get rain, and also the longer I stay inside with the heater on, the warmer the room gets. Of course, being a hotel apartment, you can't go for a walk and leave the heater on, and it takes quite a while to warm up.

Work is also frustrating, a new regression bug has crept in, and it makes it very difficult for me to continue testing. I have managed to keep my temper, although I would actually really like to kill the so-called customer service guy about another thing (the regression is the developers, they are on a different continent, in Asia, but I think the CS guy is actually on a different planet, one where human life forms are unknown).

However I did have a decent night's sleep, it was great, even though in the evening I was feeling quite anxious about various things, apart from Toccata. I didn't have any dinner, as I had a big lunch of gorgonzola salad (David had soup as well, I don't think he had dinner either). Instead I just did Toccata and Sudoku. I need to go to the Hilton this weekend and buy some books, as I have nothing at all to read. The Hilton is the best place to buy new English books that I have discovered. It also has delicious, but expensive, club sandwiches and fruit cocktails.

Ah well, I need to go and do battle with the CS alien again, he really is very stupid...
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