Wednesday, January 17, 2007
21 Out of 70!
Ah yes! This is how far I have got now... 21 little squares! I think they are very pretty and fun to do. Last night I did some after going home, having collected a baked potato on the way. I left here at 7:30pm, and David was still here, although I had been entreating him to go home for hours. This morning, however, he seems considerably better, but Alec is still not here. Our cantine lady enquired if he was in his apartment alone, maybe we had better warn him about this! She used to have a thing about Nicky as well, he was petrified of her. Once she told me that he would make a nice, easy husband! This was after she had asked me if he was married, and how old he was.

Again today I am not having a very exciting time - I did a heap of testing yesterday, and decimated Leo's list of outstanding items, and I don't have a lot left to do. David is in the same boat, I think, he keeps yawning. It is a nice day, about 17 degrees was the forecast, and it was sunny, so it would be rather nice to go out and walk around while it is still light. Here it still gets dark at 5pm, this is so tedious. Being so far south in Europe, the days are never very long, even in the middle of summer it is only light until 8pm.

Oh, oh, oh, why is it not lunchtime?
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  • At 7:33 pm, Anonymous danielle

    I love your progress on Toccata I. I have been carrying this around with me as I want to start it, but I have also been so wrapped up in a book I can never decide which to work on. I like the little squares--it would be nice to try to do one or two a day!