Monday, January 15, 2007
Quick Monday Post
Just a quick post before David and I go out to dinner, this really has been quite a dreary day. Alec went home early, he seems to have caught the cold that is going around and looked quite dreadful, most unusual for him.

I have just been plugging away at the problems, we had a new release, and it was a bit better than usual, although I will need to write again and say please, please, please test everything with past, present and future dates, just as I have been asking for some time. I always find that something works for past or present, but not future, or for past and future, but not present. It's just inattention, because it is explicitly stated in the requirements, and it proves that the testing they are doing is quite useless. In the days when I was a developer, I would have been absolutely mortified if I'd had so many problems of this nature.

Did not do much more of Toccata 1 last night, I now have 11 out of 70 small squares completed, thinking about doing number 12 before dinner. I carry it around with me, there's no problem bringing it to work while Leo's away. He's still not back, I am beginning to get upset about this. Toccata 1 is actually not my favourite colours, although it is nice for a change - if I had been choosing the colours in a shop, as opposed to ordering them online, I probably would have had more pink instead of the brick colours and more mauve instead of the blue. Love the green, of course. But it does give a nice look to the piece, they are pleasant colours together. Of course, after Catherine Agnes, practically anything looks subdued.

Still no word about the work permit, I am on the point of making wax images of Cypriot lawyers and sticking all my spare pins in them... nor have we heard who is standing for the election.

Ah well, dinner, not sure what to have, a big salad with smoked salmon, or something like that, perhaps... let's go
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