Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Plague and Progress
Actually David and I went to Sitio for dinner, the restaurant where I had lunch on Sunday - this time I had chicken souvlaki, with tzatziki, salad and chips. We talked about the Royal Family, as he read last week a book of mine called "Gone With the Windsors", a novel about the Abdication. I hadn't realised he had been reading it, as it was just in the cupboard here, with a load of books I have read, and he was looking for something to read. And he hadn't realised that I actually do know something about that part of history, so we had a huge discussion about this, and who was real and who was fictional in the book.

I went home and made progress on Toccata 1, I have 15 out of 70 squares done now. I have to say, I love Waffle Stitch, the effect is quite wonderful. The Bockens linen thread I am using instead of Londonderry is fine - I have a lot of this Bockens, because that's what we used at Skals for Hedebo. And also the DMC instead of the dark blue silk is fine too, I don't think it would matter to use even more of a mixture of floss and silk. Now that I am filling in the centre of the cloth, the subdued effect grows on me more.

Today Alec has not come to work, he sent a mail saying he would work from home. This is incredibly unusual, so he must be virtually at death's door. I think David will go home early as well, he says he had a dreadful night, with about two hours sleep, coughing and spluttering and also with pains in the side of his face, which sounds gruesome. So it looks as though I will be the last one standing today, so far I have not got whatever is going around. And I am the one who has pills for high blood pressure, stress, etc, etc! I do hope I don't get it, I had a bad enough time last year, when I kept on having no hot water and the Dwarf was quibbling about the costs of plumbers. At least this year I am in a hotel apartment, and, if something breaks, they will fix it, or move me, and, if I get sick, I wouldn't be by myself, the maid would look in and so on.

Leo just called me, so I asked him about the lawyer, he is going to call her and see what is going on. He says his leg is progressing quite slowly, not as fast as he would like at all, so I don't know when we will see him back.
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