Friday, January 19, 2007
More Little Squares

Not the greatest pictures (taking them with an eye on the door in case a client shows up), but they do show how much I have done. Nearly half of the little squares, I couldn't stop last night until 11:30pm, and then only because I told myself I had to be able to get up before 8am today! I fear these little squares are addictive.

The thing is, now that I am making progress with this one, I feel I can go ahead and order Toccata 2 and Toccata 3 without (much) guilt. Maybe even the alphabet series? I saw on a message board one person who has already finished the first part of this! Goodness. I always imagine such prolific people have a life of leisure with housemaids and all, but normally one finds out that they have eight children, work as CEO of a large company and bring about world peace in their spare time!

Still do not feel great today, but I am hoping some rest over the weekend will take care of this. This is my last weekend in Nicosia for January, as next Saturday I will be going back to Paris for a few days. I have to do tax stuff there, and also see the medicin de travail, the official doctor, for my yearly check up. It's not a real check up, it's just a rather superficial work-related thing that is the law, they ask you questions about how many hours a day do you work and how many hours do you spend at the computer.

So far I am completely by myself today - Alec and David have gone home, Andy and Rosetta must be at some meeting, their doors are closed, and the guy from our local partner is sick. I have very little to do also, just some meter reading stuff (I am the local expert on this, no-one else will touch it, I'm not sure why, it's really not that bad).

And as another week ends, do I have a work permit? Oh no, of course not... apparently Leo has been trying to get in touch with the new lawyer all week, she seems to have totally dematerialised. Both Leo and the HR Hologram are avoiding me, I get notes from the Resources Director, who seems to have been delegated to humour me. He is a nice guy and I like talking to him, but I still need to have a work permit! May need to do shopping at the weekend to restore humour regarding this issue.
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