Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Election Scandal!
Our employee elections, that is - they have had to be rescheduled because one of the candidates objected to the legal voting practices not being followed to the letter. So now they are on Thursday afternoon, but I don't have to send another set of votes, it would be impossible anyway in the time frame. It sounds as though HR are fed up with the whole thing, the Hologram has resigned, in fact, although not because of this, because of everything, and I think his assistant is having a hard time.

The other news is that I have finished the 70 Toccata 1 squares! Only the Queen Stitches and the hemstitching to go, so I hope I can do the Queen Stitches without too many problems. Then I think I will finish "Be Not Afraid" and start my AMAP Darning Sampler. That is on white linen (fairly unusual for me), I think I chose 28 count, with DMC threads in quite a wide range of colours. Would you believe I did have to buy a couple that I didn't have?
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