Friday, January 26, 2007
Toccata 1 Finish!
This is it! Started on Sunday, 7th January and finished on Thursday, 25th January. This is very quick for me, and explained by the fact that I have been in Nicosia all that time, and not frantically busy at work.

I am very happy with the way it has turned out, and I did greatly enjoy all the different stitches. I'm looking forward to starting on Toccata 2. I only ordered it last week, so it probably is not at home waiting for me, but you never know. It will be interesting to see what is there. Yesterday I did also order three Jane Austen sampler charts from SBB - they were on sale, so it was a good deal, but probably they will take ages to arrive.

Last night I have put a few stitches into the new piece AMAP Point de Reprises . This is larger than Toccata and I am doing it on 28 count off-white linen, with the recommended floss colours. The floss feels a bit rough after the mostly silk Toccata, I must be getting soft! But I'll get used to it again. I'm not going to be one of those people who always use silk. For one thing, it would get too expensive for me, for another, it would mean waiting for the thread for every single project.

I need to do some more knitting, my alpaca scarf will not be worn this winter unless I do! And I have sock wool waiting as well, and some wool for the fingerless mitts from Knitty that everyone is making.
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  • At 3:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

    Congratulations! Your Toccata I looks beautiful. I just finished Toccata II and I loved stitching it - it's also a beautiful piece and I'm sure you'll enjoy that one too :)