Thursday, January 25, 2007
Nearly There
Last night I finished the Queen Stitch and started the hemstitching on Toccata 1 - I think actually I have done quite a good job on the Queen Stitch, and of course the hemstitching is quite rapid, so maybe there will be a completed Toccata picture tomorrow.

I've been seeing all these previews of what is coming at Nashville in a couple of weeks, and I think there will be some things I want to order. But we shall see... I have a lot to do, and I still want to get some things in Paris. I am starting to get fantasies about Jane Austen samplers and Bronte samplers also, it's my literary leanings coming out again. I am also going to buy some of the red sampler patterns at Des Fils Et Une Aiguille, I think I will be there at 11am on Monday morning. I have to go to the epilation first, and that opens at 10am. Also on Monday I have this medecin de travail, in the afternoon, and that is out at La Defense, near the office. I just hope I am not horribly tired in Paris, like the last few times I have been there. Tuesday I want to go to Ulla Popken and buy some clothes, if possible.

It's a pain, David is staying the weekend in Nicosia, and I won't be here - we could have got a car and driven out to see some Byzantine churches and some little villages. He's not as good a travelling companion as Nicky, of course, but he's pretty good.

I talked to Leo on the phone earlier, he is not happy, his leg is not healing as fast as it should. He did tell me that the lawyer is supposed to be calling me regarding a visit to the immigration department here, but so far I have not heard from her, I suppose that will take another goodness knows how many weeks.
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