Monday, January 29, 2007
Monday in Paris
I got here more or less in one piece on Saturday, it wasn't the greatest flight, however, and it was delayed a good half hour, probably because in the departure lounge at Larnaca, they were running round with bits of paper calling out people's names and that sort of thing. They don't stick the boarding pass in a machine as in Paris, they do it all by hand, and quite often wrong.

So I spent most of yesterday asleep, although I did go out to buy some books... today I made it into this office at 11am, not bad, and I've just been to the work doctor, who has pronounced me fit for work. I'm about to go off and hit some shops, like the needlework shop, in fact. I will have to show my face in here tomorrow, but not for too long, I hope.

No stitching progress, owing to flying / sleeping...
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