Tuesday, February 06, 2007
You see, I am quite bored today.........

1) What's your favourite movie genre?

Drama, I think, but I like some comedies as well. Not keen on action / horror / science fiction / anything noisy.

2) Name ten movies you would recommend to friends?

- Dr Zhivago
- Italiensk for Begyndere
- Festen
- Dansen Med Regitze
- Girl With the Pearl Earring
- Olsen Banden (and its successors)
- How to Make An American Quilt
- Brodeuses
- Four Weddings and A Funeral
- Anglagård

3) Do you ever watch a movie because of the actor in it? If so, who?

Not really, although I quite like Hugh Grant, he's cute.

4) If a movie you're planning on seeing is based on a book, do you read the book? Are you generally disappointed with one or the other?

Generally I have read the book already, for example, if it's a classic or something like "The Devil Wears Prada", that I read when it first came out, long, long before the movie. Usually I prefer the book, although the movies are often fun. I read the book "Da Vinci Code" when it first came out, because I collect books set in Paris, but the whole cult thing surrounding it really turned me off, so I haven't seen the movie.

5) If you've ever watched a movie based on a true story, have you ever then looked to see how closely the movie followed the actual events?

For historical movies, yes, because usually I know something about the period of history. My mother likes history too, so we watched a lot of these when I lived at home.

6) Do you ever watch Indie movies or do you stick with the main stream?

Not sure what an Indie movie is.

7) Do you collect the movies on DVD that you really enjoyed to watch again?

Not really as a collection, but if I see one in FNAC, and the price is right, yes, I will buy it, and sometimes I buy the series at the newagent, for example, Hercule Poirot.

8) What is the last movie that you went to see in a theatre? Did you enjoy it or were you disappointed?

I cannot remember when I last went to the cinema. I tend to watch movies on the plane or at home / hotel, since I travel a lot. One of the things in Cyprus is that, if you see a movie you like on tv, they will probably repeat it the next week and several times thereafter, the programming is very repetitive.
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