Saturday, February 03, 2007
Snow in Cyprus
But not in Nicosia, thank goodness, although it was only 9 degrees today, according to the news. It rained all day, so I hope this has filled some dams, as well as causing floods in Larnaca. There was snow up in the Troodos mountains, which are only an hour or so drive from here (like everything else in Cyprus!).

I waded out this morning and bought newspapers and magazines, getting soaked in the five minute walk to the centre of town. Naturally I was the only pedestrian in sight, everyone else was in massive 4x4s or Jags or Mercs. Came back and have had the tv on most of the day, unusual for me. Sitting in front of it with my AMAP darning sampler (which I will photograph tomorrow when it is lighter). There are four alphabets on this thing, the largest one is in eyelets, which is fun.

As there are now only Greek talk shows on television..... I pinched this from a few other blogs, and have thought of doing it for a while....

Six weird things about me:

1) I don't drive, I've never learned and wouldn't have the faintest idea how to. Actually I don't think this is weird, of course, but other people think it is beyond bizarre. I've even had hostile reactions - one person told me it was like not knowing how to write! However, it's just not me, and I regard it as my duty to give employment to bus, train and taxi drivers.

2) I have Masters degrees in Latin and Ancient Greek. This was fairly uncommon even when I was at university thirty years ago, now it is most unusual indeed. Even more unusual for someone working in a technical field, and I was a fairly successful computer programmer for years before I became a business architect. People used to tell me Classics were a waste of time, but I have noticed they have shut up now that I work somewhere where a knowledge of Greek is extremely handy.

3) I only cook a few times a year. Since I spend a lot of time away from home, I eat mostly in hotels or restaurants when I am away, then, when I get home for a few days, I never have time to cook, so I go to the local restaurants. When I was married, I had to cook every single meal, so this is a reaction, I am sure.

4) If I have clothes or shoes that I like, I will often buy multiples of the same garment. Not always in different colours, either, for example, I have bought three identical pairs of black trousers last year. Most of my summer dresses have "twins", maybe in different colours for these, though.

5) I am an expert in electricity meter-reading systems ("get a life!", says David), but every time I fill in the card that EDF leaves for meter readings when you are not home (which I never am), they call me and tell me I have done it wrong. So all my bills for the past three years have been estimates, I think they owe me a lot of money.

6) I don't really feel comfortable unless I have a large handbag, preferably pink, very near to me. I keep absolutely everything I need in it, medicine, makeup, documents, phone, ipod, stitching, books. I take it to meetings, I wouldn't ever leave it on my desk by itself, and I get a bit edgy if I go somewhere where I only "need" a tiny evening purse for example.

Mmm, I'm sure there's a lot of other weird things about me, this is only a small selection... will not ask any of my colleagues for advice, I can tell you.

Now I think I will go back to the alphabets for a while, maybe I will try to go to bed early. I hope it is not so wet tomorrow, that's for sure.
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