Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Little Progress
It was so cold last night - I saw on tv that the overnight forecast was 1 degree! I went to bed quite early, about 10pm, because, even with the heater on, the sitting room was cold. Then I heard strange noises outside the door and got up to investigate, and there was some man who was trying to use his key card to get into my apartment, I guess he was drunk and couldn't remember which was his, or something, although he looked quite respectable. I had actually expected that it was probably one of the hotel cats scratching at the door, there is one that has taken a liking to me and knows where I live.

Before I retired at this early hour, I did do a little stitching, but nothing worth photographing. This morning I ordered some red Perle Cotton to do hemstitching around the AMAP Point de Reprises when it is finished. It has to come from the UK, but that will only be about a week, I think, Sew and So is the fastest ONS. I'm hoping some of the other stuff I've ordered gets to Paris before I do next - which should be 21 February.

Leo has been having a war with the lawyer, he wrote her a mail yesterday, after trying about 50 times to call her, and got back this mail today, it seems she really hasn't done anything and is not the slightest bit embarrassed about it. She really expects us to wait indefinitely until the government office decide they want to look at our applications! Even though Leo has pointed out that there has been a nearly two year wait already, and that she told us there would be an appointment on Monday, and Monday came and went without her getting in contact at all. She now says, oh well the ministry wasn't ready to look at the papers, but I can't believe she didn't call to tell us this, and that she is not embarrassed that she didn't call. It goes beyond the cultural differences that we find here, I think she is just rude and inefficient. I guess I write more mails to HR and Resources Director...
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