Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Bad Bad Girl
Who has ordered not only Queen Sofia, but also Thread Gathering from LHN, the 2007 Collectors Heart from HIH and the With Needle & Thread by Blackbird Designs.... so much for restraint! Queen Sofia is from Mani di Donna in Italy, the others from Elegant Stitch. I haven't done anything from LHN before, but I did think this one was very nice indeed.

My only excuse is that I am not having a fun time at present, what with work permit lawyer and the whole question of where am I going, and exactly how soon. Sylvain is really pressing Leo to get me out of here, because there is yet another new French project starting mid-March. But I will need a small holiday before I start a new project, a few days to do some things, especially after the Christmas holiday debacle. I am glad that they don't want me to go back to the other French project, which is dragging on, the client were sweet, but they had this system where no-one had desks, you had to go and look for a spare one every morning (there weren't enough), what a waste of time.

I spoke to our resources director, who is going to get the PD of the new project to call me and discuss timings... he is nice, he is English, but has lived in France for several years. Actually I will quite like working in French, it is relaxing in some ways not to have to speak English all the time. It just takes a few days to get used to it again.

Last night I didn't do any stitching, just a few rows of knitting when I eventually lurched home after pasta and three glasses of wine with David...so I am doubly bad.
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