Friday, February 09, 2007
Visit or Visitation?
We have just had a visit from our erstwhile leader, he had to come and explain something to the client that he had forgotten to leave any instructions about or tell anyone else. Only the clients and I and Christos from our partner were here, the others have all gone home for the weekend. And he's announced that he will need to come back next Friday to do some more on the same thing - after he left, Christos said to me he thought it was time to convert to Judaism. Meaning, of course, that we wouldn't be here on Fridays either.

I actually cannot work out what he is still doing living in Cyprus, or how he can do this (he is also not a European citizen) when those of us who are here legitimately have such problems with work permits. Added to which, when he was working here, he used to complain non-stop about the country, the people, the food etc etc. He once told Nicky that he couldn't see why Cyprus was in the EU, as the people were practically black! Quite incredible to say that to Nicky, who is Cypriot.

Maybe it's just because he is working in the Middle East now, and his girlfriend can't live there with him, so it's close enough for her to be and him to come back every weekend. We had all this girlfriend stuff when Aurelien wanted to take his girlfriend to the Middle East, and HR told him it was illegal for unmarried people to live together there - he wouldn't believe them, and thought they were making it up just to spite him, but it is true. It would also be very difficult for EWL's girlfriend, I think, as she is generally rather scantily clad, she has been showing her stomach every time I have seen her, so I don't think this would go down very well at all.

I will try and go early from here tonight, before it gets dark. I went to the supermarket before and bought bread, water, fruit... I hardly ever buy food to eat at home, but today I just felt like this. I will go on with my sampler tonight and over the weekend, but I do want to go out and do some shopping tomorrow, so I hope it doesn't pour like the last two Saturdays. At least it is warmer than the rest of Europe, we get 16 or so during the day now, and it stays light until after 5pm.
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