Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Mid Week Blues
I feel a bit sad today, because really it is looking as though I will leave here.... the client is not happy, Rosetta is opposing it, but it seems they will be offering a replacement in the form of Derek.

Not sure why, when it has been stated that we should reduce staff on this project, they should replace me at all, but I suspect that part of it is that Derek has a European passport. It's all a bit strange. Some weird idea of Sylvain's, I assume, as he said to Leo how fantastic it was for him that I was having problems with my Cyprus work permit. Honestly I really think he is a robot, not a person, he is so full of the milk of human kindness, not.

So I will be sentenced to the suburbs of Paris, I wonder if we will have to go there every day? Or can we work at our office sometimes? Our office is at La Defense, which is also in the suburbs, but it is not hard to get to, it is right next to Paris. Apart from that I haven't been to the suburbs in a long time. I remember, when we first came here and were looking at apartments, the real estate agent took David and me to see brand new places on the outskirts of Nicosia, in entirely new suburbs, and we were wailing "but we can't stay here, we will starve, there are no shops or restaurants". It took a few tries before we managed to convince him that we needed apartments within walking distance of work and the shops!

Alec says to take no notice of Sylvain, but I think that is easier done in Alec's position than mine. Sigh. I have taken out my stitching and put it on the desk beside me, Alec & I are here alone, so it is OK. Leo and David have gone to a meeting in another location. It was rat week for David yesterday, his computer has had to go to hospital, and won't be back for at least a week. He had an awful time with an old replacement laptop, and was really unhappy.

Well, I guess I go on with testing, and do what I can, and then I go home and do some stitching. It would be nice if my new threads from Sew and So arrived today, they might, although the post can be unpredictable here. Sometimes they keep things in the Post Office for a week, on the grounds that a person called by my name can't really exist! On the other hand, a name that translates into English as "Friday Black-Eyes" is quite normal!
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