Friday, February 16, 2007
At Last It's Friday
I am happy about this, it doesn't mean I don't want to work or anything, more that I am looking forward to some peace and quiet, and knowing that I will not be harassed by lawyers or whoever for a whole two days.

The lawyer has just told me that I will have to wait for a work permit until a new bank guarantee is sorted out. Which is strange, since the authorities have had one already for nearly two years. I only just stopped myself telling her that I expected "fraud" translated to an elegant Greek polysyllable. Leo has forbidden me to say anything provocative, and I suppose I have to obey.

Last night I went home and I was pretty upset about the day, but I managed to put it aside and do some stitching, I am on the Z of my eyelet alphabet and the last border on the left, before I start the next alphabet of my Point de Reprises. I also got out the linen for my Renato Parolin Italian heart set and measured it and looked at it a bit. I might start it this weekend, I'll see.

I actually would like to try and spend a fair amount of the weekend sleeping, but we will also see how that goes. As it's a holiday weekend, Nicosia will be even deader than usual. On Monday there will be no shops open at all, so this makes two and a half days of no shops as opposed to the usual one and a half days.
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