Monday, February 26, 2007
Another Year Older
51 today! And I have a new toy, a lion that David gave me, he is cute, with big, sad brown eyes.

I feel tired though, I didn't sleep much last night, after my afternoon sleep yesterday. I guess I will sleep well tonight. And we just had a rather soporific meeting with the client, both David and I were at nodding off stage.

Sylvain has not turned up, so I guess he will be here tonight. I did have an SOS from Casey, she told me that Sylvain asked her if she would come here, if they insist on a replacement for me. She is terrified of the prospect, because of course she's only been working with the system for six months and she's a young designer. I hope they sort out what is happening and do not promise she will be a replacement, rather another person who has other skills and fulfils another role that they will find useful with their eventual go-live. Goodness knows what will happen, tomorrow may bring a clearer picture.

No stitching progress to report.
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  • At 12:06 am, Blogger AnneS

    Happy belated birthday sweetie! Sorry I'm a tad late! Hope all your hopes and dreams are fulfilled this year ... and that Nicky comes to visit :D