Monday, February 19, 2007
Kathare Deftera
Today is the holiday for the start of Lent - the Greek translates literally as "Clean Monday", but they call it "Green Monday". Everyone goes out into the countryside and has a lot of food, since they should be fasting now until Easter.

It is a beautiful day, probably about 22 or 23 degrees and sunny, it would be nice if it were like that all the time, instead of the searing heat that we get here in summer. We just went out and had a fairly long lunch of pasta, as we are doing a huge billing run at present and it is taking a while. Andy is also here, we told him off for not spending the day with his twin boys.

David and I talked at lunch time about what we shall do next, in the way of projects, we are both quite keen to get out of here, as we are both getting depressed through boredom, neither of us have enough to do. He wants to go to Dublin (although not for the same reason as I would like to go there, of course! Nicky, I miss you...) and I have to got to the banlieue of Paris, since I speak French. Sometimes I wish I didn't, but the powers that be seem to consider me the best non-native French speaker, plus the most experienced architect in the French speaking group, apart from my friend Eliane.

I suppose I did get quite good marks in my DELF exams, like in one of them I got 18,75 out of 20, and there was only one of the six where I got less than 17. I have to say this was rather gratifying, as the nasty man in Paris had been wandering around saying that exams in France were much more difficult than in foreign countries and I probably wouldn't pass. I think afterwards he tried to imply that I had been sleeping with the examiner or something ridiculous like that.

The batch is still running, so I am doing other things, like I just put a picture of Toccata 1 under finishes in my sidebar. I should also do this list of blogs that link to me, there are a few kind souls in this category! And I could make some other improvements as well, even though I really don't know any html, as it didn't exist in the days when I was a programmer, so I am just doing what looks good to me, and seeing what effect it has. Sort of learning html by experimentation.

As it's only David and I, plus Andy in his office, I may well do some more of the DMC 822 darning square, as the light here is really very good, we have windows on three sides.... good opportunity before it gets dark. Why can't I stitch throughout the day and be an architect at night?
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