Sunday, February 18, 2007
Sunday Photos of Point de Reprises
I have not done badly for someone who spent most of yesterday asleep, on the left hand side, I have numbers and the first part of the alphabet that continues onto the middle panel to go:

The eyelet alphabet in the centre is finished:

And can you see a faint darker spot on the top left of the right hand panel? That is the beginning of a darning square, in DMC 822, which shows up not at all in a photograph.
It has been a very quiet weekend, Nicosia as I predicted is completely dead, and the shops were totally empty yesterday. I had something to eat in a cafe about 5pm, and that was empty too. Today I went out to get lunch, and there were very few places open.
Last night there was the remake of "The Parent Trap" on tv, it has Lindsay Lohan, it was good, although of course, as usual, I prefer the original. At least, no violence or spurious history, which are my two pet hates.
David is supposed to call me when he arrives, so we can plan what time to go in tomorrow and work. I won't be able to leave until at least 8pm, as there is a conference call for all the French employees (about the fusion, of course) at 7pm. But that will suit David, we may go and eat afterwards.
Paris on Wednesday, returning here on Saturday, and I am having Thursday and Friday off, for hairdressers and so on. One day in lieu of tomorrow, the public holiday, and one day as RTT. I should also claim another day for Saturday, for weekend travel, but I never do. Don't know how much I will get done in Paris, but I'll try....
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