Tuesday, February 20, 2007
One Day Before I Go To Paris
I have found my ticket, I have called my taxi driver, all I need to do is pack my bag and make sure to get up by 6:30 am tomorrow. Well, maybe 6:45, it's so early, but I need to get up, get dressed and have breakfast before the taxi comes at 8:00 am. The plane is 10:25 am from Larnaca, and it would suit me fine if it was empty apart from me! I will be tired because of the getting up early, and not getting out of here until late tonight.

This should be the second to last time I go back to Paris, the next time should be forever, but I don't know. Rosetta is very upset about this, I think she is trying to get my term extended, but I've got to the point where, if they don't want to give me a work permit, I don't want to be here.

I have now finished my first darning square on the Point de Reprises, and I think it probably is the hardest because of the thread being the same colour virtually as the linen and it was forty one rows of just picking up every second thread. The next one is pick up two threads, miss two, a bit easier to see, I think, especially as it is a pale yellow. Leo likes this sampler, he admired it the other day.

Kent, the technical architect, is here today, he just went to a meeting with Leo, and came back in horror, because there were people walking in and talking the whole time, and people taking cellphone calls, and people going out for a cigarette. We are used to this of course. And at any given point, someone will interrupt to ask if we all want coffee, get the orders, phone them through, and then there's another interruption when they are delivered. This is one of the reasons anything here takes three times longer than normal.

I'm looking forward to getting some mail in Paris, my Queen Sofia was in the mail at the weekend, I know, and there should be other things as well, as I got nothing last time.
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